Polytomizator: A simple, fast, poly art generator

Create Poly Art!

  • Upload your own images
  • Use the various brushes and tools to add points onto the canvas
  • Click polytomize to make poly art within seconds!
  • Then you can download the art as a image (png) or a SVG file
  • Click the options button at the top right to explore many more features such as auto generating poly art, using the flower effect to generate art, and much more!

Feed back is greatly appreciated!

Some examples of poly art

Poly Art of The Great Wave

An completely computer generated low poly art version of The Great Wave. Took less than 20 seconds to generate!

Other Details

You can also try the web app out at https://stonet2000.github.io/Polytomizator/, which is actually much faster than the itch.io version (and more frequently updated).

Further details and a local version can be found on the github repository

Made withp5.js
Tags2D, Abstract, art, Generator, Low-poly
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code

Development log


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Very cool. Only wish it supported transparent backgrounds for exporting png sprites.

me too