Cut Bread!

Yep, this web app/game is all about cutting bread as smoothly as possible!

Randomly select from a whopping 24 different kinds of bread

^ The Miche and the Demi Baguette. All breads kindly made by the Bread Alone Bakery.

Slice to your heart's content!

You can make as many slices as you want! 3 slices not enough? Make a 4th one! It's as simple as clicking or dragging across the screen. You also get to see the percentage of the bread that each piece takes up.

Encouraging Chef!

Web app comes with an encouraging Chef that comments on your bread cutting skills and technique.

Technical Details

Created using HTML, CSS, JS, and the p5.js library. Further details can also be found on it's github repository.

A more frequently updated version of Cut Bread can be found on at this link

Made withp5.js
Tags2D, bread, Funny, Photorealistic


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this is bread